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SQL iQuery, SQL Tools, or COZTOOLS'86 for IBM i

Tired of using a deprecated 1980s-style Query 400 for your IBM i reports? So are we. That's why we created SQL iQuery.

SQL World™

2 products, 1 license

At Cozzi Research, we been providing the solutions for #IBMi since 1984 when we introduced our first software product for this platform (4 years before they called it "AS/400").

New! You may try out our SQL software on a live IBM i server in the cloud, via our partner website at no cost to you. This allows anyone from the average developer to the CIO to check out SQL Tools and SQL iQuery on a Power server before you buy, avoiding the hassle that sometimes occurs when attempting to install 3rd-party trial software. It is so easy to get going with a account, you'll be up in minutes.

SQL World
Our industry-leading SQL products are now one bundled offerring: SQL World
SQL iQuery and SQL Tools are included in the SQL World bundle for one low price for your IBM i environment.
SQL iQuery

SQL iQuery is powerful and easy-to-use native alternative to the legacy Query/400.

SQL iQuery is a SQL-based tool for IBM i that provides a high-level interface for querying and manipulating IBM i data. It allows developers to write SQL statements to extract, insert, update, and delete data from IBM i database tables, and provides a set of built-in functions for performing complex data manipulations and transformations.

SQL iQuery provides a number of benefits over traditional IBM i programming methods, such as faster development time, improved maintainability, and increased performance. It also integrates seamlessly with other IBM i development tools and can be used in combination with other programming languages and platforms to create complex, multi-tier applications.

SQL iQuery is typically used by developers and database administrators who are looking for a more efficient and flexible way to work with IBM i data, and is widely adopted in the IBM i community.

New! Free book:
SQL iQuery Users Guide
Revised: 14 November, 2023 - 12:42
SQL Tools

The Professional Db2 for i SQL Extension Pack for your IBM i system. SQL Tools is a powerful, professionally written and optimized collection of SQL functions and stored procedures that you can run from any IBM i SQL interface. SQL Tools picks up where "IBM Services" (formerly SQL Services for IBM i) ends, providing you with all the capability you need to access important IBM i information using any SQL interface.

SQL Tools is a product that combines the capabilities of the IBM i APIs, Db2 database, middleware and development environment.

The product provides a set of SQL-based tools to enhance the functionality and usability of IBM i databases.

It includes features such as improved SQL performance, enhanced data integrity, and support for modern development methodologies.

It is designed to be used by Developers, Database Administrators and Systems Admins, by simplifying the process of working with IBM i interfaces, such as database, APIs, and system information using an SQL interface.

Learn more about SQL Tools...

Pricing and Availability

Product License Fee (OTC) SWMA (support) Supported IBM i Release Levels Download Installation Info
SQL Tools for IBM i $695/annually V7R2, V7R3, V7R4+ Install info
SQL iQuery for IBM i $695/annually V7R2, V7R3, V7R4+
SQL World bundle:
SQL iQuery and SQL Tools
Both products 1 low price
Bundled Pricing Discount: $995/annually V7R2 and later Use SQL iQuery and SQL Tools links.
COZTOOLS '86 OSE Open Source
N/A V7R2, V7R3, V7R4+ Install info

SQL iQuery and SQL Tools are now priced as one offering. The One-time-charge is waived and a no-charge 90-day license is granted upon installation. This license covers up to 2 serial numbers (up to 2 physical systems at the same location) such as a DR/HA system. It also covers all IBM i partitions within one physical system.

After 90-days your annual subscription SWMA (Software Maintenance) begins. Each year on your installation anniversary, you'll receive an invoice for another year of SWMA and support. Cancel anytime.

To initiate your purchase, send us an email with your IBM i Version and System Serial Number (DSPSYSVAL QSRLNBR) by clicking here ⇛

If you've already purchased SWMA and need help, or if you need assistence with a purchase:

SQL Tools 2021 is our latest product. It picks up where the standard set of SQL Services leaves off, providing dozens of new SQL Functions and Procedures to make you do your job faster than ever before! Visit the SQL Tools online Docs page to read more about each available SQL Tools function. Then visit the Buy Now page and get started!

SQL iQuery is our most popular #IBMi software ever. If you tried to run the SQL SELECT statement from Command Entry and view the results, you found that the IBM RUNSQL and RUNSQLSTM commands just don't stand up. There are myriad techniques to move results into files using all kinds of nonsense. I read those techinques in articles all the time. But with SQL iQuery you can simply run the SELECT and any other SQL statement from command entry, CL, or where ever. Just type in something like: runiQry 'select * from qiws.qcustcdt' <enter> and get the results right there on the screen. Or using the OUTPUT parameter, redirect the output to a number of formats including: EXCEL, PDF, TXT, CSV, JSON, XML and more. The powerful SQL iQuery Script language is nearly an interpretive RPG-free language that your programmers can start using immediately.

COZTOOLS '86 is probably already on your system. It has been mimicked by myriad 3rd party software houses and indepents for decades. First introduced as Q38 Programmer Utilities back in 1986, this package has been kept up to date for decades. It was rebranded RPGTOOLS for a while and has been known as "Cozzi Tools" for the last two decades. Now, Cozzi Tools'86 (pronounced "cozy") is a no-charge product, with source code included! Visit the Cozzi Tools page for more info.

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