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SQL Tools, SQL iQuery, or COZTOOLS for IBM i

Fee and Free Software for you IBM i platform

At Cozzi Research, we been providing the solutions for #IBMi since 1984 when we introduced our first software product for this platform (4 years before they called it "AS/400").

New! You may try out our software on a live IBM i server in the cloud, via our partner website at no cost to you.

SQL iQuery

SQL iQuery is powerful and easy-to-use native alternative to the legacy Query/400.

Best of all? SQL iQuery is now no-charge (that's right! it is free)

Want to use SQL to create Query/400-style reports? Then SQL iQuery is for you. Plus you get the added advantage of various output options including: *PDF, *PRINT, CSV, XLS (SpreadSheetML), JSON, and more. And now, with SQL iQuery v8r1, SQL iQuery is no-charge (free) to all IBM i customers.

SQL iQuery is a SQL-based tool for IBM i that provides a high-level interface for querying and manipulating IBM i data. It allows developers to write SQL statements to extract, insert, update, and delete data from IBM i database tables, and provides a set of built-in functions for performing complex data manipulations and transformations.

SQL iQuery provides a number of benefits over traditional IBM i programming methods, such as faster development time, improved maintainability, and increased performance. It also integrates seamlessly with other IBM i development tools and can be used in combination with other programming languages and platforms to create complex, multi-tier applications.

SQL iQuery is typically used by developers and database administrators who are looking for a more efficient and flexible way to work with IBM i data, and is widely adopted in the IBM i community.

New! Free book:
SQL iQuery Users Guide
Revised: 14 November, 2023 - 12:42

Pricing and Availability

Licensing Choices
Product One-time fee (OTC) Support Options Supported IBM i Release Levels Download Installation Info
SQL Tools for IBM i $695 (OTC) $695/annual
(starting in year 2)
V7R2 and later Install info
SQL iQuery v8 for IBM i No-Charge
  1. Fee-based On-Demand support
  2. Fee-based Training
  3. Fee-based custom enhancements

Daily or hourly fees apply

V7R2 and later
COZTOOLS Free Edition No-Charge N/A V7R2 and later (V7R1 version available on request)

SQL Tools is offered to our customers using the following license models:

  1. One-time charge (OTC)
  2. Annual Subscription/SWMA

The one-time charge (OTC) model includes support and updates for the first year. The optional annual SWMA/Subscription fee continues that support and includes update/upgrades to the software during that period.

Send us an email with your IBM i Version and System Serial Number (DSPSYSVAL QSRLNBR) for more information ⇛

If you've already purchased SWMA and need help, or if you have further questions regarding a purchase:

SQL Tools provides some of the most productive and useful IBM i SQL functions available. With over 150 SQL functions you can now access IBM i API data using good old SQL right from within your RPG IV code or SQL processor (such as ACS, STRSQL and SQL iQuery). Visit the SQL Tools online Docs page to read more about each available SQL Tools function. Then visit the

SQL iQuery is our most popular #IBMi software ever. If you tried to run the SQL SELECT statement from Command Entry and view the results, you found that the IBM RUNSQL and RUNSQLSTM commands just don't stand up. There are myriad techniques to move results into files using all kinds of nonsense. I read those techinques in articles all the time. But with SQL iQuery you can simply run the SELECT and any other SQL statement from command entry, CL, or where ever. Just type in something like: runiQry 'select * from qiws.qcustcdt' <enter> and get the results right there on the screen. Or using the OUTPUT parameter, redirect the output to a number of formats including: EXCEL, PDF, TXT, CSV, JSON, XML and more. The powerful SQL iQuery Script language is nearly an interpretive RPG-free language that your programmers can start using immediately.

COZTOOLS '86 is probably already on your system. It has been mimicked by myriad 3rd party software houses and indepents for decades. First introduced as Q38 Programmer Utilities back in 1986, this package has been kept up to date for decades. It was rebranded RPGTOOLS for a while and has been known as "Cozzi Tools" for the last two decades. Now, Cozzi Tools'86 (pronounced "cozy") is a no-charge product, with source code included! Visit the Cozzi Tools page for more info.

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