Get CSV Column Value as an Packed Decimal (CSV_DEC) UDF



CSV_DEC( csv_data, header => 'column header' );


CSV_DEC( csv_data, ID => relative-column ID );

The CSV Function parses the csv_data passed to it and returns the data for the column identified by the 2nd parameter. The 2nd parameter may be the relative column number or the column heading.

This Function is primarily used with the iQuery CSV() UDTF to parse the CSV content.

Returned Value


This UDF returns the column content as a DECFLOAT(34) value that should be cast to length and decimal positions desired. For example if the YTD-sales column is 15 positions with 2 decimals,  then casting the column might look like the following:

 CAST( iQuery.csv_dec(data, 'YTDSales') as dec(15,2) )



Expected value:  DATA

The column DATA is returned from the iQuery CSV() UDTF. The parameter should be the column named "data" as returned by the CSV() UDTF. Any other value indicates customization of the interface and may produce undesireable results.


When the HEADER version of this UDF is used, the column heading (enclosed in single quotes) is specified to identify the column whose data is to be returned.


When the Relative Column ID version of this UDF is used, ID identifies the relative column number whose data is returned.