SQL iQuery

Preprocessor Directives

In designing the SQL iQuery Scripting language, we focused on compatibility with existing language preprocessors. For example the C/C++ preprocessor was very influential to the iQuery preprocessor design.

Most iQuery directives or control statements begin with the pound sign (#) or "hash tag" but contemporary standards. Some however, do not and we'll identify and discuss those later.

Directives and controls statement appear on one line, however they may be continued onto the next line by including the back slash as the last character on the line.

All embedded SQL statements and iQuery Script Control statements do not being with a pound sign, and may span as many lines as necessary. They must be terminated with a semi-colon. There is one caveat, the final/last SQL statement in the source member does not require a terminating semi-colon as the end of file condition implies the end of line.

Control Statements

iQuery Session Variable Directives

Process Directives

Message Directives

CL Program Directives

Environment Directives

SQL Directives

Include Directive

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