SQL iQuery Script Built-in Functions


IsAlpha / IsAlphaNum(eric) / IsNum / IsBlank / IsChar

Checks the Session Variable for being all letters, all digits, a combination of both, or both or blanks.

The ISALPHA() and ISALPHANUM built-in functions return true if the value of parameter 1 is all letters A-Z or a-z when ISALPHA is used, or all letters or numbers when ISALPHNUM is used.
The ISCHAR() built-in function is similar to ISALPHANUM() but also permits blanks to be contained in the value for a positive result.
The ISNUM() checks for valid number and numeric edit symbols, including, period, comma, minus.
The ISDIGITS() checks for all digits.
The ISBLANK checks if the field is blank or empty The synonym ISEMPTY() may also be used.



  1. The name of an iQuery Session Variable to be checked.
#default &HouseAddr = '36w268 Silver Glen Rd';

if isChar(&houseAddr);
// The address is valid.
// The address contains invalid data.

The House Address is assigned a value. In this example it is hard coded, but in real life it would probably be entered by the end-user or retrieved from a Session Variable or Database table.
The ISCHAR() function is used to check if the house address is only letters and number. Since our example contains only letters and number, it returns true.