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SQL Tools for IBM i

The New Standard in "Every Shop has It"

SQL Tools is the perfect collection of powerful and easy-to-use SQL Functions for your #IBMi shop. They can be used with any SQL interface. Use them in your RPG IV applications so you have access to things previously only available through APIs and CL commands. Also use them stand-alone in your favorite SQL processor.

Compatible with Version 7 Rel 2, 3 and 4

SQL Tools replaces thousands of lines of error-prone RPG coding of API calls, providing direct SQL access to many APIs as well as a ton of new functionality, such as date conversions, base64 decoding and more.

As a convention, we've elected to use the LIBRARY, OBJECT, TYPE sequence order for parameters whenever possible. This means that when a SQLTOOLS UDTF requires an object and library, the library name is normally the first parameter, followed by the object name, and if necessary, the object type. This matches the SQL SCHEMA.TABLE sequence so your brain can be "Thinking in SQL Mode " while using SQL Tools. For example:

select * from table( sqlTools.object_list('COZTOOLS','RTV*','*CMD')) ol;
select srctype,text,chgdts,cur_records
from table( sqlTools.rtvmbrd('CODESRC','QRPGLESRC','WRKUDTF')) mbrd;

In rare/specialty cases where the library name is often not used, such as with *PDFMAP or *DEVD objects, the library name parameter follows the object name parameter, or there may be no library name parameter. For example:

select * from table(sqlTools.rtvpdfmap('QPRINTMAP')) pdfmap;
select * from table(sqlTools.rtvdevsts('TAP01')) sts;

Pricing and Availability

Available: June 2, 2021

Price: SQL Tools is offered to IBM i customers at an initial one-time fee. If you want to stay current and receive annual updates and fixes, we offer annual software maintenance. And as always: no per-partition charge, 2-serial number license. Here's the break down:

  1. $695 (OTC) one-time charge, includes:
  2. After first year, annual maintenance is available (SWMA) for just $395/year. It includes:

Order online

More Information: Customers who have questions, may reach out to Bob Cozzi at this link.

Vendor Info:
Cozzi Productions, Inc.
Lombard IL 60148

SQL Tools Documentation Index

Each SQL Tool includes a link to it's documentation. This is an evoling document and is updated frequently. We are using SQL Tools to help produce these "reactive " web pages linked below. It currently supports mobile and desktop experiences. Click or tap the SQL Tool name (below) and it's current parameters and documentation will appear.

Function Description
#END List