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Cozzi Tools originated on IBM System/38 as Q38 Programmer Utilities, were updated to AS/400 and then eventually re-written and redesigned for IBM i. Today COZTOOLS version 7.0 is announced and is being offered for the first time as a no-charge ("free") licensed program. Yes, it is free!

Customers can download COZTOOLS from the link provided above. Some customers require that they have Source for software installed on their systems. Cozzi today also announced a one-time-charge (OTC) of $595 (US) for the COZTOOLS source code. To purchase the source code, contact Bob Cozzi and request COZTOOLS Source License OTC. An invoice will be sent to you for payment.

Current Licensed Customers of COZTOOLS or APPTOOLS can migrate to the new no-charge version 7.0 however it is a migration and not a plug-n-go operation. Since a license is no longer required, no license checking is performed within the components, therefore your existing RPG programs that utilize COZTOOLS may need to be recompiled. CL programs that simply use our CL commands will not need to be changed or recompiled. In a few cases, RPG IV /INCLUDE or /COPY member names may need to be updated. However, only a couple of subprocedure interfaces were modified and users who have already migrated report about an hour of migration effort required. But your mileage may vary. One component that is no longer shipped is the RPGFREE *SRVPGM. The functions for which were incorporated into other *SRVPGMs. Our sister product, SQL iQuery includes a macro to list the names of any of your existing applications that leaverage RPGFREE or one of the COZxxxx *SRVPGMs. SQL iQuery has a no-charge 70-day trial period, that allows you to scan your libraries. Once installed, simply run the following commands:


These two commands should provide you with a list of programs that may need to be recompiled should you decide to migrate to COZTOOLS v7.0 no-charge edition.

Warning! EXISTING CUSTOMERS: DO NOT DOWNLOAD AND REPLACE EXISTING COZTOOLS library on your system if you are a previous/current COZTOOLS licensee. Instead, run the above SQL iQuery macros and migrate/recompile your code as needed. We do offer consulting services to help with this migration, but most clients are able to migrate on their own.

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