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SQL iQuery, SQL Tools, or COZTOOLS'86 for IBM i

#IBMi is a powerful and reliable operating system. At Cozzi Productions, we been providing the solutions for #IBMi since 1984 when we introduced our first software product (4 years before they called it "AS/400"). Today, our SQL iQuery product, a follow on to our popular "SQL Lite" product from the mid-1990s has been creating CSV, PDF, and EXCEL from pure SQL on #IBMi for over 7 years, and some users solve complex Web app requirements with iQuery for Web™.

Today, with a growing number of legacy-software-retirement events, our new #SQLTools provides a complete set of interfaces that allow experienced and novice developers to start using them immediately. Whether they're a 30-year Senior Software Developer, or a newbie who enjoys "code cloning" development, #SQLTools provides a consistent interface that is both familiar and portable. #SQLTools provides a consistent interface across #IBMi release levels. Whether you have some partitions running v7R2 or you've upgraded to v7r4, #SQLTools provides identical results (where available) across all supported #IBMi release levels.

#SQLTools is a stand-alone product, that complements our SQL iQuery product, but its functions and procedures can be used from any SQL interface on #IBMi, such as STRSQL, RUNSQL, IBM ACS RUN SQL SCRIPTS, iQuery, and embedded in RPG IV just like any other SQL statement. Imagine using RPG IV and being able to create a *USRSPC, generate a list of source members, retrieve an object's description, or even check if an object exists, all using simple SQL statement. That's what SQL Tools provides to your organization.

Product Matrix

Use this table to purchase a support option, or to download one of our awesome products.

Product Price One-Off Tech Support Annual 3-Incident SWMA Supported IBM i Release Levels Download Installation Info
SQL Tools 2021 V7R2, V7R3, V7R4+ Install info
SQL iQuery v7 No-Charge
Flex License*
V7R2, V7R3, V7R4+
COZTOOLS '86 OSE No-Charge
Flex License*
V7R2, V7R3, V7R4+ Install info

If you've already purchased a support agreement and need help, or if you need assistence with a purchase:

Cozzi Productions Flex License

Flex Licensing

A new no-charge software license from Cozzi Productions, Inc.

Under the terms of our Flex License program, customers may use our designated software on their IBM Power equipment or equivalent running #IBMi (IBM operating system "i"). The license is implied and granted upon installation--no serial number validation is performed, and no initial software licensing fee required. If you decide to keep the software, your Flex License allows you to purchase one-incident support when needed ("Ad hoc support") or you can buy one year of support by acquiring a Software Maintenance Agreement ("SWMA") contract for a set fee. Once SWMA is acquired, a customer may request and receive support (up to 3 incidents within one year) when needed. The SWMA charges shall be billed annually/recurring.

Software Maintenance Agreements apply to ALL products simultaniously. For example, if you install SQLTOOLS and SQL iQuery, the annual SWMA fee covers both products at your organization for up to one year or 3-incidents.

SQL Tools 2021 is our latest product. It picks up where the standard set of SQL Services leaves off, providing dozens of new SQL Functions and Procedures to make you do your job faster than ever before! Visit the SQL Tools online Docs page to read more about each available SQL Tools function. Then visit the Buy Now page and get started!

SQL iQuery is our most popular #IBMi software ever. If you tried to run the SQL SELECT statement from Command Entry and view the results, you found that the included RUNSQL and RUNSQLSTMT command just fail. So there's myriad techniques to move results into files using all kinds of nonsense. I read those techinques in articles all the time. But with SQL iQuery you can simply run the SELECT and any other SQL statement from command entry, CL, or where ever. Just type in something like: runiQry 'select * from qiws.qcustcdt' <enter> and get the results right there on the screen. Or using the OUTPUT parameter, redirect the output to a number of formats including: EXCEL, PDF, TXT, CSV, JSON, XML and more. The powerful SQL iQuery Script language is nearly an interpretive RPG-free language that your programmers can start using immediately. Visit the Buy Now page.

COZTOOLS '86 is probably already on your system. It has been mimicked by myriad 3rd party software houses and indepents for decades. First introduced as Q38 Programmer Utilities back in 1986, this package has been kept up to date for decades. It was rebranded RPGTOOLS for a while and has been known as "Cozzi Tools" for the last two decades. Now, Cozzi Tools'86 (pronounced "cozy") is a no-charge product, with source code included! Visit the Cozzi Tools page for more info.

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