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Retreive SQL iQuery or SQL Tools License Key

If you recently purchased SQL iQuery or SQL Tools you can retrieve your IBM i software License Key for those products using this page.

If you have replaced your IBM Power server with a new system and your IBM i serial number has changed, you need to request a transfer of your SQL iQuery or SQL Tools license key to that new system. Doing so requires a fully paid-up annual software maintenance agreement ("SWMA") for the specified product.

Customers who have elected to not pay their annual SWMA fee, may purchase a new license for their new system. Visit the home page for purchase options.

NOTE: Your IBM i system serial number may be obtained by running the following CL command on the Command Entry screen:


License keys are emailed with the ADDLICKEY CL command. Cut/past that command into your IBM i system Command Entry screen to apply your license key.

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