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Cozzi Productions - Product License Keys

Easy Steps to License Key Retrieval

  1. Select the Product.
  2. Type in your information:
    • email address
    •  IBM i system serial number (use DSPSYSVAL QSRLNBR to retrieve this information)
      • We need your IBM i system serial number to generate your trial license key
    • Enter your name.
  3. Select the License option (Perm or Temp)
  4. Click Retrieve

The license key will be emailed to you.

License Option Permanent License Key (paid software licenses only)
14-day Trial License Key Extension
(No keys are need for the initial trial/grace period of the product.)

For product downloads, visit the SQL iQuery downloads page

Temp License keys are emailed along with the ADDLICKEY CL command. It may be cut/pasted into your IBM i system.

If you haven't already done so, you may register your IBM i serial number with us, at this link.

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