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Join the 920 users who have already discovered how SQL iQuery solves their data access and reporting challenges with easy-to-use SQL.

Benefits of Licensing our Software

  • Increase Programmer Productivity
  • Leverage SQL in ways never before possible
  • Write Scripts to do tasks that would take 100's of lines of RPG
  • Batch SQL statements and run them in Batch, Online, or on the Web
  • JSON results from SQL directly to your own Web pages
  • Produce Microsoft® Excel® directly and email it to your users
  • Great support with new features being introduced quarterly
  • License per system (unlimited partitions) based on number of active CPUs ("cores")

SQL iQuery for IBM i - Download

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Earliest Supported OS Download Link Downloads Notes
IBM i v7r1 and later SQL iQuery 920 Optimized for v7r2 and later. Runs great on IBM i v7r1. 2COZ-IQ4 Check out the What's New log for the latest updates.
IBM i SendMail Client Our free SendMail command uses IBM i Java to send email from your IBM i system.

If you are an existing customer, you simply need to upload the IQUERY save file to your IBM i system, and then run the RSTLICPGM command.


After you Restore the SQL iQuery License Program you have 60 days to evaluate the product. After that a paid license is required.

If you need more help with installation, follow the link below:

SQL iQuery Installation

SQL iQuery works best with IBM i V7R2 and later. However it is backwards compatible with IBM i v7r1. (We no longer support v5r4 or v6r1 versions.) For V7R1 customers, SQL iQuery is a no-charge license program. That license expires when the IBM system running IBM i is upgraded to IBM i v7r2 or later.

SQL iQuery is packaged as an IBM i Licensed Program and must be restored using the RSTLICPGM command.

Visit our installation page for more information.

Product Information

  • Name: SQL iQuery
  • Install Library: IQUERY
  • Product ID: 2COZ-IQ4

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