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SQL iQuery™ UDF's and Procedures

The SQL iQuery product includes the following functions and ("stored") procedures.

The advantage of these UDFs is that they are run by SQL regardless of environment (STRSQL, embedded SQL, ACS Run SQL Scripts, or of course SQL iQuery.

SQL iQuery Functions have adpoted the IBM-standard for SQL functions when it comes to object parameters. This means that when an library (schema) and object are specified, they are typically specified as OBJ,lib,type vs the IBM API standard of OBJ, LIB, TYPE. For example, to use the iQuery.MBRLIST() function, specify library, file, member. e.g., select * from table(iQuery.mbrlist('COZTOOLS','QCPYSRC','RTV*')) ml
this creates a list of members that begin with 'RTV' from the Source File QCPYSRC in the COZTOOLS library.

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An example of the MBRLIST UDF is featured at this link.

Note: You can scroll through this table using your mouse roller/scroll wheel. Likewise, you can sort it by any column by clicking on the title of the column. Oh, and FYI, this HTML Scrolling Table is included in SQL iQuery at no additional cost.

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