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SQL Query File Special Edition

Free Edition for IBM i5/OS V5R4M0 and IBM i V6R1M0

SQL iQuery for IBM i is built for IBM i V7R1 and later. An earlier version of the product, named SQL Query File" is available at no charge for i5/OS V5R4 or IBM i v6r1m0. There is no license fee associated with this version of SQL Query File. This version runs on V5R4 or V6R1 or; if it is installed on a later release of the operating system, it will not function. When moving to IBM i v7.1 or later, a paid license fee is required and the licensed program 2COZQF2 (SQL iQuery) is needed.

Technical note for S/36E users: SQL iQuery is not supported for S/36E processing. Specifically our Menu does not work in S/36E mode due to the nature of S/36 SSP Procedures. However SQL iQuery Commands, RUNSQLF, RUNQRYF, and WRKQRYF should function normally when entered through the usual interfaces.

Reports from our i5 v5r4 customers are coming in. SQL Query File is 5 to 20x faster performing the same task as legacy query tools and many 3rd-party SQL products costing 10 times the price. Our V5R4 version is free!

SQL Query File Special Edition Free Download

i5/OS Power4, Power5 and Power5+ customers have benefited from our no-charge i5/OS V5R4/V6R1 edition.

Download and go, no registration, no licensing, and no support or warranty is expressed or implied and none are given.

SQL Query File V5R4 Installation

SQL Query File is packaged as an IBM i Licensed Program and may be restored using the RSTLICPGM command.

  1. Download the COZQRYF540.ZIP file from the link above.
  2. Unzip the file to produce the COZQRYF.SAVF object onto your PC.
  3. Upload the COZQRYF.SAVF object to library QGPL (or similar) on your IBM i system using FTP or another method.
  4. On the IBM i system, Restore the SQL iQuery Licensed Program using the RSTLICPGM 2COZQF2 command, as follows:

Using SQL Query FIle

Launch one of the SQL Query File commands, such as RUNQRYF or RUNSQLF or jump to the SQL Query File menu as follows:


Visit our samples page for examples of using SQL Query File.

Known Issues with SQL Query File at V5R4

There are issues in V5R4 version of IBM SQE that were not addressed by IBM until V6R1. Therefore the following is a list of known features that may operate differently when using SQL Query File on V5R4.

  • The number of rows in the result set cannot be determined. This impacts the Viewer (i.e., OUTPUT(*) and some other capabilities).
  • The interactive viewer cannot process the "B" (go to bottom/last page of list) command (related to the above issue).
  • OUTPUT(*PDF) is not supported.
  • 3-level qualified names ("3-tiered naming") is not supported.
  • This no-charge version is compatible with our commercial SQL iQuery licensed program. You shall be able to install SQL iQuery and leverage and work done for SQL Query File.

Product Information

  • Name: SQL Query File
  • Install Library: COZQRYF
  • Product ID: 2COZQF2
  • Earliest IBM i release: V5R4M0 and V6R1M0
  • Run Query File CL Command: RUNQRYF
  • Run SQL using Query FIle CL Command: RUNSQLF

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