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SQL iQuery™ Installation

SQL iQuery is packaged as an IBM i Licensed Program and may be restored using the RSTLICPGM command.

  1. Download IQUERY.ZIP file from the downloads page.
  2. Unzip the file to produce the IQUERY.SAVF object onto your PC.
  3. Upload the IQUERY.SAVF object to library QGPL (or similar) on your IBM i system using FTP BINARY mode or another method.
  4. If you previously installed our former "Query File" product you can delete it as follows:
  5. On the IBM i system, install the software by restoring the SQL iQuery Licensed Program, using the RSTLICPGM command, as follows:

The RSTLICPGM restores the SQL iQuery licensed program into library IQUERY, and does the following:

  1. If this is the first time installing SQL iQuery, it installs a one-time temporary license key, valid for 60 days.
  2. Creates proxy commands RUNIQRY, RUNIQRYF, and WRKiQRY. This allows use of the product without the need for its library IQUERY being on the library list.
  3. Builds several SQL Functions in the iQuery library and in QUSRSYS.
  4. Creates the iQuery Menu. Use STRiQRY to go to the menu, or the classic "GO iQuery" command; Most users say that they use the commands instead of the menu.

Using SQL iQuery

To begin using SQL iQuery, run the STRiQRY command.



GO iQuery

Once the menu appears, you can select one of the options to start using SQL iQuery (NOTE: This menu is a native IBM i menu and does not function in S/36E mode.)

Alternatively you can run one of the included commands, RUNIQRY, RUNIQRYF and WRKiQRY directly from Command Entry.

SQL iQuery™ for IBM i Menu

  1. Run SQL using iQuery
  2. Run iQuery
  3. Work with Fields using iQuery

Option 1 prompts and runs the RUNIQRY command, which allows you to directly enter SQL statements to be run, including the SELECT statement--but most SQL statements are supported.

Option 2 launches the RUNIQRYF command. RUNIQRY is for those who wish to work with classic CL parameters, such as FILE and FLD, where you enter the file name and you get results. Customization of the RUNIQRY parameters is provided for field selection, sorting, and select/omit. 

Option 3 prompts the WRKiQRY command. This command allows you to type in a File name. The file layout or record format (i.e., the list of fields that make up the file) is listed. From the Work with SQL iQuery display, you can immediately press F10 to run a query over the data in the file, or you can select the fields you want to include in the query. The sequence of those fields may be specified while selecting them; similar to other interfaces on the system.

For examples of using the RUNIQRY and RUNIQRYF commands, visit our examples page

Product Information

  • Name: SQL iQuery
  • Install Library: IQUERY
  • Product ID: 2COZ-IQ4
  • Built for IBM i release: V7R1M0 (limited use version available for V5R4 and V6R1)
  • Run iQuery on a file CL Command: RUNIQRYF
  • Run SQL using iQuery CL Command: RUNIQRY

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