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Examples and Demo Scripts

The list below contains several SQL and iQuery example scripts. They may be accessed in the QDEMOSRC file in the IQUERY library.

To run them, use the RUNiQRY command as follows:


Where mmmmm is the name of the sample source member from the list below.

Click the Sample name to view the SQL iQuery source in that member.

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Click on a name in the list to view its contents.
Source Viewer © 2004 Robert Cozzi, Jr. All rights reserved.

MemberLast ModifiedViewsText
CJOB2017-12-01 09.22.3018inline C code for JOB() UDF (DO NOT COMPILE)
COSVER2017-12-01 09.22.3042inline C code for OSVER UDF (DO NOT COMPILE)
COSVRM2017-12-01 09.22.3039inline C code for OSVRM UDF (DO NOT COMPILE)
CRTVMBRD2017-12-01 09.22.3039inline C code for RTVMBRD UDF (DO NOT COMPILE)
CSYSINFO2017-12-01 09.22.3035inline C code for SYSINFO UDF (DO NOT COMPILE)
EDITCODES2017-12-01 09.22.3048RPG and DDS Edit Codes Table
EDITCODEVW2017-12-01 09.22.3040RPG and DDS Edit Codes Table
EDTCDE2017-12-01 09.22.3042RPG and DDS Edit Codes Table - Listing
IBMBLOG2017-12-01 09.22.30613IBM Db2 for i Blog article query
JOB2017-12-01 09.22.3016SQL UDF Source for JOB(jobname,'component')
MBRLIST2017-12-01 09.22.30142Example shows the use of our MBRLIST UDTF
MSGW2017-12-01 09.22.30468Detect & report jobs in Message Wait (MSGW) status
OSVER2017-12-01 09.22.3045SQL UDF Source for OSVER (COMPILE THIS)
OSVRM2017-12-01 09.22.3042SQL UDF Source for OSVRM (COMPILE THIS)
RTVMBRD2017-12-01 09.22.3048SQL UDF Source for RTVMBRD (COMPILE THIS)
SYSINFO2017-12-01 09.22.3081SQL UDF Source for SYSINFO (COMPILE THIS)

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